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For over two years, I grew up with them: Kai, Nate, Tristan, Eric. Together, they became my Knights. I was their Queen: loved and adored. Then, on one awful day, everything changed. My privileged life ended when I was fourteen.

Through a weird twist of fate, I’m back. If I graduate from Broadmoor Prep Academy, I fulfill my grandparents will and inherit everything. I can send my brother to medical school and fulfill his dreams after he’s sacrificed so much to save me.

But the four boys I grew up with are no longer my champions. They hate me. They hate that I left. They blame me for what happened that day. They intend to make me regret coming back. And they’re not the only ones. The girls who were jealous of me at the Lower School now see me as easy prey.
It doesn’t matter. My goal is to graduate from Broadmoor Prep. And then my work is done.

This is a light bully romance with dark themes. It is NOT a reverse harem and does end with a HEA. Although part of a series, it can be read as a standalone novel. It deals with sensitive subjects such as depression, suicide ideation, violence, and references sexual assault. Recommended for mature readers 16+.