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By LJ Byrne

The Broken Code

YA Romance Techno Thriller

After my mom dies, I learn that I have an aunt in the fancy town of Royalton. Before I have time to come to terms with losing Mom, I move to Royalton and am enrolled in Royal Bridge Academy. The school is ruled by the Royal Kings and Queens where the requirements to belong are as follows: rich, snobby, and mean. I think I’m protected because my cousin Ethan rules the school, but I’m caught off-guard by the games the Royals play.

After almost dying when Ryder Cabot and Ingrid Whitman use me in their war against Ethan, I decide to fight back with my weapon of choice. I hope the Royals are ready for me because real power belongs to those who can create, control, and destroy information on the Internet. My name is Mira Bell, and I’m no ordinary teen.


LJ Byrne

LJ Byrne lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, two kids, two bunnies, and a cat. An engineer by education, a scientist at heart, a writer in her soul, she’s had an avid imagination since youth. She’s a self-taught speed reader and full of useless facts and information. She likes strong female characters who may be put through the wringer but emerge stronger than ever.

K-pop Not So Confidential

Vengeance With Maybe Some Fava Beans

I want vengeance on the jerks who messed with me at Oxford Academy.  Jae is a K-pop idol looking for media redemption. He offers to help me under one condition. Pretend to be his girlfriend long enough to make the media stop digging into his past.

After 36 Hours

When I land a short gig helping a photographer out, my only goal is to make enough money so my parents don’t kick me out. I don’t even recognize the guy everyone is fawning over. When a leisurely side trip ends in a plane crash, I’m forced to keep us alive. Easy peasy as long as that bear doesn’t eat us first.

Don’t Write Me a Love Song

We were high school sweethearts. I was wealthy and popular, Danse was neither. Now, five years after I broke his heart, he’s part of the successful K-pop band Pyramid and I’m with the company handling Pyramid’s PR. He’s still angry and I just want this project to end. Can life get any worse?

YA Romance

The Betrayal

Five years ago, I lied and almost sent an innocent person to prison. Now my parents have sent me to care for my aunt and I encounter Rory Remington again.  When I was twelve, he was my best friend, but now he hates me because I nearly sent his brother to prison. He promises to make me pay for what I did to his family and I deserve it all. If he thinks I’ll fight, I won’t. He can join the list of people who’ve broken me before.

Turn the Tables

Elena gets the opportunity of a lifetime: a full scholarship to the top preparatory high school in the nation. What she’s not prepared for is the disdain the rich kids of Highbury Academy have for a poor kid from the wrong side of town.  When the Elites use their secret club to humiliate her, will she break and run home, or will she turn the tables on the Elites and give them a taste of their own medicine?


For over two years, I grew up with them: Kai, Nate, Tristan, Eric. Together, they became my Knights. I was their Queen: loved and adored. Then, on one awful day, everything changed. 
Through a weird twist of fate, I’m back. If I graduate from Broadmoor Prep Academy, I fulfill my grandparents will and inherit everything.
But the four boys I grew up with are no longer my champions. They hate me. 


When Juliet receives a scholarship to attend the prestigious Breaker Academy, she accepts without hesitation. But the moment she arrives on campus, it’s clear that the students who rule the school despise her. But if the Kings of Breaker Academy think they can bully her, they’re mistaken. Juliet’s been to hell and back and survived to tell the tale.
Juliet’s not a victim. She’s a survivor.


This book will keep you on the edge of your seat!


All of the characters in this book were great…especially Mira and Ryder. 


 I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The pacing was perfect, and the storyline kept me interested wondering what would happen next.

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